Amorphous & Nanocrystalline                     C-core, E-Core, Block Core

Application in output filter or inductor cores in high frequency large power supplies Transformer cores in switch mode power supplies  [more]

Currrent Transfomer Core                  (Nanocrystalline Core)

Nanocrystalline alloy has similar features of high initial permeability and temperature stability, less gravity and packing factor than that of Permalloy. [more]

Applied Solar Energy

Common Mode Core

High saturation magnetic induction (1.25T), high permeability, high inductance (ten times higher than that of ferrite), [more]

PFC & Output Choke Core

Amorphous cut cores applied as PFC inductors or output filter inductors. [more]


Reactors for 10kw-100kw solar inverter application

100µ Amorphous Core

High saturation magnetic induction (1.56T), low loss at high frequency, wide frequency range. Used for smooth filter inductor,Audio choke [more]

New Products

Highest saturate induction-Reduce component  volume, Low coercivity-Promote component efficiency, Low core loss-Reduce device temperature rise, [more]


Amorphous & Nanocrystalliine Cores:

          Blocks                       E-Core                     Block Core                      C-Core                      Cut Core                    CT/CMC  Core            Rectangle Core